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Our Orthodox Faith

The Orthodox Church is the true and original Church of Christ.  It traces its beginning and tradition to the Apostles of Christ and its establishment at Pentacost.

The Church both guards and interprets the Bible. The Old Testament is preparatory to Christ’s arrival while the New Testament testifies about him and his church.

Sacraments are means by which God becomes present to us and also prepare us to receive God via the Holy Spirit. The sacraments of the Greek Orthodox Church are as follows: Eucharist (communion), baptism, chrismation (confirmation), confession, marriage, holy orders, and anointing of the sick (holy unction). The holy liturgy centers around the Eucharist. Liturgy means people’s work, due to the communal aspect of this sacrament. It is at the core of worship and is to be experienced more than studied, as it involves all the senses as well as other people.

The Greek Orthodox, assert that Jesus, when he walked among us, was both fully human and fully divine, a god-man who, by his incarnation, overcame nature – that is, sin and death – as well as the devil’s domain. Christ has 3 roles: prophet, priest and king. His work was the perfect exemplification of theosis, or deification by the absence of sin and unity with God.

Greek Orthodoxy asserts that God is three persons in one, or a trinity: God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit and they baptize in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit from infancy on up,Christmation occurs immediately after baptism.

The Virgin Mary is given special honor and became known as Theokotos, or mother of God. She did not precede God, of course, but gave birth to God in the form of Jesus while yet a virgin. Through him she is sanctified and intercedes for Christians as they pray. 

Veneration of Saints simply means respect, not worship, and this is done by viewing and kissing images of the saints, or icons, while making the sign of the cross. Saints were not holy in and of themselves, but were sanctified by God. Although all Christians are saints according to the Bible, some have been raised up as examples for us to follow. God is the ultimate saint, and, because Jesus is also God, so is He. And the list goes on. The goal of a saint has been theosis (defined above), with the help of the Holy Spirit.

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